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The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical Trust (MGMMT) was registered in 1976 as a public trust dedicated to serving the needs of the rural poor in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India.  Named after the leader of the Indian Independence Movement, the trust is committed to Gandhi’s principles of self-reliance, non-violence, and compassionate understanding as keys to bringing about social change.  Our board consists of scientists, physicians, attorneys, and engineers from the area who are all committed to improving the lives of those in need.  (In keeping with guidelines for operation of charitable trusts in India, none of our Board members are paid for their efforts).  In the rural areas surrounding the town of Bhimavaram where our efforts are centered, nearly one-third of the local population lives below the poverty line; hospital services are beyond the financial reach of 85-90% of people in the region; illiteracy, malnutrition, and alcoholism are widespread throughout the area.  Economists and political scientists such as Amartya Sen have argued that basic health care and literacy are the two most important keys to progress in the developing world; the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical Trust is committed to addressing these very issues.

I express gratitude for your difficult effort; our team members commend you for yours leadership participation and for your relentless assistance of this essential legislation.

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Through a combination of outreach and in-house programs, we provide a variety of health and educational services to the rural poor of West Godavari.  Rural health camps, cancer control and surveillance, blindness prevention programs, a maxillofacial surgery and trauma center, early childhood education, and women’s reproducive hygiene workshops are among the services we have made available to the community.  In addition to these programs, we are developing new projects in fields such as women’s support groups and AIDS awareness with the assistance of student volunteers from Harvard University.  Please see the “Ongoing Programs” section of this website for more detailed information about our various initiatives.

 Bhimavaram is a coastal town west of the Godavari River in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Peda Amiram is a large village located on the outskirts of Bhimavaram Town.  The area is noted for its natural beauty and traditional way of life.  The trust’s activities are based at our rural medical center at Peda Amiram village (three kilometers from Bhimavaram on Juvvalapalem Road); the medical center is situated on five acres of developed land, purchased with funds donated by the Trust’s founder.  The medical center has about 15,000 square feet of built space (20 beds, a library and meeting hall, operating room, computer office, etcetera) as well as an adjacent eye hospital with an additional 20 beds (about 2300 additional sq. ft.) next to the main building.  We employ a staff of twelve, including six nurses, an optometrist, ophthalmic assistants, accountants, a village coordinator, a computer technician, and we also contract for the services of outside physicians when their services are needed.  We welcome volunteers from abroad (see the “Volunteer Program” section of our website for more information).  Construction of a waiting room and wheelchair ramp (with trolley for non-ambulatory patients), as well as separate nurses’ quarters, are currently underway.  In addition to these facilities, the trust has constructed a model preschool building to serve as the base for its campaign for early childhood education in education in Peda Amiram village.m village.

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